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Which foods are suitable for counting and packaging machines?

Counting and packaging machines are widely used in the food industry, especially for granular and pill-shaped materials that need to be accurately counted. The following are the types of food suitable for counting and packaging machines, as well as related numbers and information:

Ball foods:
Ball foods such as tribute balls, fish balls, and meat balls are common application scenarios for counting and packaging machines. Using counting and packaging machines can avoid inaccuracies caused by weight fluctuations and ensure that each product has the same quantity.
The tribute ball counting and packaging machine uses sensors or counters to accurately detect and count each ball, and then puts it into a designated packaging container to achieve accurate counting and packaging.
Granular foods:
Automatic particle counting and packaging machines are suitable for granular products of various shapes and sizes, such as pills, capsules, candies, nuts, raisins, etc. These machines can count and pack quickly and accurately, improving production efficiency.
Counting and packaging of mixed materials is also feasible, but may require corresponding customized configuration and program settings.
Snack foods:
The visual counting and packaging system can be used for counting and packaging of various snack bagged snacks such as chicken feet, dried tofu, and spicy strips. This system uses camera recognition counting and a unique mechanical structure to automatically count small bags of food and automatically divide them into portions according to a certain quantity.
Frozen food:
In addition to snack foods, the visual counting and packaging system can also be used for counting and packaging of various frozen foods to ensure the accurate quantity of each frozen food.
Medicines and health products:
Counting and packaging machines are also widely used in the pharmaceutical and health products industry, such as capsules and tablets. Ensuring accurate counting of medicines and health products is essential for patient safety and effective treatment.
Improve product competitiveness:
The use of counting and packaging machines not only ensures the consistency of product quantity and improves packaging accuracy, but also improves the appearance and hygiene of the product, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of the product.



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