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What to Consider in a Gummy Filling Machine


Gummies are becoming increasingly popular in candy bars, vitamin formulas, supplements, sleeping pills, probiotic products, and even health foods and alternative treatment options. They are also used in different over-the-counter and specialty medications in the pharmaceutical industry.

Gummies are generally challenging for typical types of filling machines, as they are difficult to process due to their soft, sticky nature. Getting the right gummy filling machine is crucial to protecting your production line and ensuring the maintenance process is trouble-free.

Our gummy filling machine options include semi-automatic and automatic systems as well as solutions for high-speed production lines. All gummy equipment is constructed with a food-grade stainless steel contact exterior, which is essential for any type of product for human consumption.

We help our customers choose the right gummy filling machine solution based on their production needs, production capacity and required filling capabilities. The higher the output value and production value requirements, the more necessary it is to consider using automatic filling machines to increase productivity and capacity.

Our continuous motion rotary filling machines are the ideal solution. The machine helps reduce the amount of heat that clashes, keeping the fudge intact and separated throughout the filling process. It also offers intuitive touch screen controls that allow conversion and adjustment according to production requirements.



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