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What parts does the soft capsule counting line consist of?

Soft capsule counting lines usually consist of the following main parts:

  1. Glue supply system: To supply the capsule shell, including the glue supply area, capsule conveying device, etc.
  2. Measuring system: The part of the pill counting machine used to accurately measure the pharmaceutical mixture. Including metering devices, delivery devices, etc.
  3. Sealing system: Aluminum foil sealing machine and capping machine can inject the drug mixture into the capsule shell and seal it, including extrusion device, sealing device, etc.
  4. Separation system: Can separate the sealed capsules and send them to the next station, including separation devices, conveying devices, etc.

The advantages of capsule counting line packaging are as follows:

  1. High efficiency: The grain counting line can realize automated production, greatly improve production efficiency and save human resources.
  2. Accurate measurement: The pill counting line has an accurate measurement system. which can accurately deliver the drug mixture. And avoid errors in manual operation.

It can also be combined with other packaging equipment to complete the packaging work and form a multi-pack packaging line for better results. such as: capping machine, aluminum foil sealing machine, labeling machine, etc.

The application fields of essence counting lines mainly include the pharmaceutical industry, health product industry and food industry. As people’s demand for personalized health increases and attention is paid to drug safety. The market demand for soft capsules is growing. Therefore, the application prospects of soft capsule counting lines in the pharmaceutical and health care products industries are very broad.



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