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What is the working principle of the capping machine?

The working principle of the capping machine is mainly to drive the capping head through a pneumatic actuator or mechanical device, and use air pressure or mechanical force to rotate the bottle cap and seal it tightly on the bottle mouth. Specifically, the working principle of the capping machine can be divided into the following steps:

Positioning: When the bottle enters the capping machine, it will be fixed in the appropriate position by the positioning device to ensure that the bottle cap can be tightened or loosened accurately.
Capping: The capping head is driven by a pneumatic actuator or mechanical device to tightly tighten the bottle cap on the bottle mouth. During the capping process, it is usually necessary to apply a certain torque to ensure the sealing of the bottle cap.
Detection: The capping machine is equipped with a sensing device or photoelectric detector to detect whether the bottle cap is tightened or loosened. When it is detected that the bottle cap is not tightened or completely tightened, the machine will automatically stop working to avoid substandard products.
Transfer: The capping machine is usually equipped with a conveyor belt or manipulator to transfer the screwed bottles to the next process or packaging.
In addition, according to different application requirements, the capping machine can also be equipped with different functional modules, such as cap coding, inkjet coding, labeling, etc. These functional modules can be integrated with the capping machine to improve production efficiency and automation.



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