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What is the working principle of screw counting machine?

The counting machine is a device used to automatically count and pack screws. It can help with efficiency and accuracy in the production process. The following is the working principle of the screw counting machine and some common parts that can be used for packaging of the screw counting machine:

Working principle of FUNTION nut counting machine:

The screw counting machine first places the screws from the feed port onto the vibration plate or conveyor belt, and separates the screws one by one through vibration or the movement of the conveyor belt. A sensor or photoelectric eye then detects the passage of each screw and counts it. Finally, when the set quantity is reached, the counting machine automatically stops counting and packages the screws. This machine can also be used in conjunction with the packaging machine to complete packaging methods such as bagging/boxing/bottling. FUNTION’s pill counting packaging machine can also be used in conjunction with other packaging machinery to form a pill counting packaging line to improve the work efficiency of parts manufacturers.

The screw counting machine can count packaged parts:

In addition to screws, the screw counting machine can also be used to count and pack other small parts, such as nuts, washers, pins, etc. In principle, any parts with regular shape and moderate size can be counted and packaged using a counting machine.



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