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What is the difference between counting packaging machine and weighing packaging machine

Weighing packaging machine: For the food industry, generally small particle products are packaged with weighing packaging machines. For example, washing powder, salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, sugar, seeds, rice and other granular materials are weighed and then filled and packaged. But there are also some products such as candy, chocolate, dumplings, soup dumplings, etc. It is difficult to achieve an accurate quantity by weighing, and there may be a problem of a few more in one pack and a few less in the other. However, the versatility and high speed of equipment packaging materials are also the main choices of many enterprises.

Counting packaging machine: The counting packaging machine uses vision, or other means such as photoelectricity, to count the grains of these materials before packaging. This packaging form can accurately pack materials according to the quantity. Relatively speaking, the advantage of the weighing packaging machine is that it can accurately count the packages and occupy a small space, but the speed may be slightly slower than the weighing package.

Both types of packaging equipment have their own advantages. Specifically, it depends on the materials of the packaging products to choose a more suitable packaging machine for the company.



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