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What are the types of Small Parts Counters?

Small Parts Counters is a device for counting small parts and small items, which are usually used in warehousing and logistics management. These devices can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of counting, thereby saving time and labor costs.
There are many types of Small Parts Count. Common ones include:

Vibration disk counter: Use the vibration disk to disperse small parts and count it.
Optoelectronics counter: Use photoelectric sensors to detect and count small parts passed.
Gravity counter: separate and count small parts by gravity and mechanical devices.
Rotating disc counter: Use a rotating disc to separate the small parts and count it.
High -speed counter: Suitable for a large number of small parts of small parts.
Each type of Small Parts Counters has its unique advantages and applicable scenarios. When selecting Small Parts Counters suitable for your needs, you can consider factors such as your counting, part types, and working environment.
What are the types of Small Parts Counters?



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