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What are the packaging methods of gummy?

gummy vitamins

There are many different gummy packaging methods for gummy packing, in addition to plastic bags and plastic bottles, there are the following:

Aluminum foil bag: This packaging method can maintain the freshness and taste of the gummies, and can prevent moisture and oxidation.

Carton: The gummies can also be placed in a carton, which is environmentally friendly and easy to carry.

Metal cans: Similar to plastic bottles, metal cans are also a common way to package gummies and can be reused.

Glass jar: This packaging is transparent so you can see the color and shape of the fudge, but it needs to be handled with care to avoid breaking.

Vacuum packaging: Gummies can be vacuum packed, which can extend the shelf life of the gummies and maintain the taste.

What problems should be paid attention to when packaging soft candies?

The following issues need to be paid attention to when packaging soft candies:

Make sure that the packaging material meets food safety standards and will not contaminate the gummies.
The packaging should have good airtightness to prevent the fudge from being damp and deteriorating.
The packaging should be beautiful and generous, able to attract the attention of consumers.
The packaging should be convenient and quick for consumers to purchase and carry.
During the packaging process, attention should be paid to sanitation and cleanliness to avoid bacterial contamination of the fondant.



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