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What are the common types of counting grains

  1. Vibrating disc type particle counting machine: It is a common type of particle counting machine, which separates and cuts the material into individual particles by vibration. It is suitable for separating small materials of regular shapes such as round, long, square, etc.
  2. Rotary granulator: It is suitable for separating paste materials and trace impurities of the granulator, and the working principle is to separate materials through friction and centrifugal force between materials.
  3. Vibratory feeding type granulator: it is suitable for quantitative counting and transferring of materials, which are transferred to the next processing stage by means of vibratory feeding.
  4. Strip material counting granulator: suitable for separating rod-shaped, elastic small materials, through mechanical cutting way to cut and separate the materials.
  5. Electronic counting machine: applicable to the scene of high precision and accurate value of counting, measuring the number of counting particles through sensors and counters, and automatically excluding the inaccurate counting particles.
  6. weight type counting machine: suitable for counting the number of particles, irregular shape of the scene, through the weight of the way to count, the disadvantage is that the accuracy is not as accurate as the electronic counting machine.
  7. Indexing sieve type counting machine: suitable for the scene of screening materials, the material according to different sizes are collected separately, to facilitate further processing of materials.



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