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What are the common faults and problems of capping machines?

Capping machines may encounter some common faults and problems during use. Here are some examples and possible solutions:

The bottle cap cannot be tightened or falls off:
Possible reasons: insufficient strength of the capping head, mismatched bottle cap or bottle mouth size, damage or stains on the bottle cap or bottle mouth.
Solution: Adjust the capping strength of the capping machine to ensure it is tight enough; check whether the size of the cap and bottle mouth match, and replace inappropriate caps or bottles; clean the cap and bottle mouth to ensure there are no stains or damage.
Bottle cap is stuck or damaged:
Possible reasons: Improper cooperation between the capping head and the bottle cap, too fast capping speed, and poor cap quality.
Solution: Adjust the matching gap between the capping head and the bottle cap to ensure smooth rotation; reduce the capping speed to reduce the impact on the bottle cap; replace the bottle cap with a better quality.
The machine runs unstable or makes abnormal noise:
Possible reasons: Transmission part failure, bearing wear, loose fasteners.
Solution: Check whether the gears, belts, etc. in the transmission part are intact, and replace damaged parts in time; check whether the bearings are worn and replace them if necessary; check and tighten all loose fasteners.
The capping machine cannot start or stop:
Possible reasons: power failure, control switch damage, safety protection device triggered.
Solution: Check whether the power supply is connected normally and ensure that the voltage is stable; replace the damaged control switch; check whether the safety protection device is triggered, such as whether the emergency stop button is pressed, and reset it after the fault is resolved.



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