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What are the advantages of meatball counting packaging?

Many people are concerned about a question when eating quick-frozen meatballs, that is, must the packaged meatballs be washed? In fact, whether you need to wash the packaged meatballs depends mainly on your personal taste and hygiene habits.

First of all, we need to understand the hygiene of packaging meatballs. Quick-frozen meatballs usually go through strict processing and packaging processes, and the packaging materials and methods are all to ensure the freshness and safety of the meatballs. In the process of making quick-frozen meatballs, the food processing factory will strictly screen, clean, cook, peel, make meatballs, and finally freeze the ingredients. Counting machines are often used to pack bags, but our counting packaging machines are made of 304/316 material. After so many treatments, the bacteria and viruses in the quick-frozen meatballs have been effectively killed. Finally, it is fully protected, and it is not necessary to clean the packaged meatballs.

Secondly, whether the packaged meatballs need to be cleaned or not depends on personal taste and habits. Some people may feel that the surface of the meatballs is too slippery, or even feel a little sticky, so they want to wash it. However, if the cleaning is not thorough and the time is too long, it will easily affect the taste of the meatballs.

Therefore, if personal taste and hygienic habits are strict, you can gently rinse the surface of the packaged meatballs with clean water before eating to avoid freezing frost and dust in the food from contaminating the taste. Avoid impact on food.



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