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Use and maintenance of grain counting machine

Before using the grain counting machine, check and prepare the equipment first to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Check the working status of the transmission system, feeding system, metering system and other parts to ensure there are no abnormalities.

As needed, adjust the measurement parameters of the particle counting machine, including the measurement accuracy and measurement range of the material. Ensure that the counting machine can accurately measure the required amount of materials.

Pay attention to the quality and dryness of the materials to avoid affecting the measurement and packaging effects.

Start the electronic grain counting machine and observe its operating status. Pay attention to the measurement and packaging effects of materials to ensure compliance with requirements.

Regularly clean all parts of the counting machine, including the feeding system, metering system, transmission system, etc. Remove material residue and dust to keep the equipment clean and hygienic.

Regularly inspect and maintain key components of the counting machine, including lubrication of the transmission system and inspection of fasteners. Ensure the normal operation and safety of equipment. Regularly calibrate the metering system of the counting and packaging machine to ensure metering accuracy.

Pay attention to the safe use of the particle counting machine and comply with the operating procedures and safe operation requirements of the equipment. Wear protective equipment when using to avoid accidents.

When using a grain counting machine, you need to pay attention to the normal operation of the equipment, the quality and dryness of the materials, as well as regular cleaning and maintenance work. Keeping equipment in good condition and measuring accurately can improve production efficiency and packaging quality.



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