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The structure of counting machine

counting machine 001

The structure of Funtion pack machinery and equipment manufacturing company’s automatic counting granulator is analyzed into the structure of lowering mechanism, feeding mechanism, counting mechanism and double material door. They all have their own characteristics:

The main features of tablet automatic bottling machine drop feed mechanism:

Tablet automatic electronic tablet counting machine drop feeding and filling nozzle is customized according to the bottle type specifications.

The automatic tablet counting machine adopts vibrating type tablet dropping machine, after filling the tablets, the dropping nozzle will be firmly set on the bottle mouth to ensure that the large tablets will not block the bottle mouth and the small tablets will not pop out of the bottle mouth.

Double cylinders position the bottle, the positioning height is accurate and reliable when changing bottles.
The silo design is equipped with transparent observation window, which is convenient for the operator to observe the feeding.

Automatic tablet counting machine adopts multi-stage linear vibrating plate with electromagnetic vibration, the vibration amplitude can be adjusted by itself and the speed is fast.

AC DC vibrator is used to stabilize the vibration and make the drug particles (including irregular materials) move smoothly.

Multi-stage stepped particle chute makes the particles scatter downward layer by layer to open the proper distance between materials and each other to avoid overlapping phenomenon.

Three-stage powerful vacuum suction design has a suction hole (groove) at the end of each vibration chute, the powder is collected and sucked away by vacuum cleaner.

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