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The characteristics of liquid filling machine

liquid filling machine

With the continuous development of production technology, filling equipment is gradually becoming intelligent, and now the filling equipment used in production workshops is also becoming increasingly intelligent, saving manpower and improving production efficiency. The characteristics of the bottled water filling machine will be analyzed in detail by us.

Bottled water filling machine mainly includes water treatment equipment, bottle blowing system, filling and packaging system. After being treated by water treatment equipment, the raw water is cleaned of impurities, deodorized, desalted, and sterilized to become sterile water for bottle washing and filling. In the pure water production line, the preforms are blown into the bottle by the blower under high pressure, and then rinsed, filled and sealed by the filling machine through the air pipeline. After automatic filling and sealing, the semi-finished products are packed sequentially, and the finished products are put into the warehouse for sale.
The filling machine is controlled by PLC, and the man-machine interface feeds back the equipment status of the purified water production line in real time. When a problem occurs, the corresponding action will be stopped immediately, an alarm will be issued, and the fault point will be intelligently detected. In order to solve the equipment failure of the water purification production line in the shortest time and minimize the loss, a corresponding solution is proposed. Food-grade 304 stainless steel is used for all water contact parts of the pure water production line, which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

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