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Round bottle labeling brand recommendation

The round bottle labeling machine features of Shanghai Fangxing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.:

The overall material of the equipment is stainless steel and aluminum alloy, the mechanism design is stable and easy to operate, and the layout is beautiful and generous;

Using world-renowned electrical components, the quality is stable;

Sticking transparent labels without blisters, self-adhesive labels without wrinkles;

The bottle-separating mechanism adopts large silicone wheels and cylinders for bottle-separating, and the bottle-separating distance can be set arbitrarily, which is stable and accurate;

The fixed-point positioning mechanism uses a reciprocating cylinder to push the bottle supporting mechanism, and the bottle body is positioned at three points to rotate the bottle, which can realize the precise positioning and labeling function at any position of 360 degrees;

The special positioning detection sensor can accurately find the positioning features of the bottle body, which can be used for single-label positioning and labeling, and double-label positioning and equidistant labeling;

A high-precision servo positioning system can be selected, which is especially suitable for the precise labeling requirements of red wine bottles that need to cover the original label in the logistics industry;

The operating system of the round bottle labeling machine of Shanghai Fangxing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.:

Multi-functional man-machine interface, production counting, parameter adjustment and other visual monitoring;

It has rich help functions and fault display functions;

Optional functions: ① hot coding/jet coding function ② automatic feeding function (combined with product considerations) ③ automatic material receiving function (combined with product considerations) ④ adding labeling device ⑤ circumferential positioning and labeling function ⑥ other functions ( According to customer requirements).



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