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Counting machine/

Small Parts Counting Machine



Model FC-2000
Counting Speed 8000-12000 pieces/minute
Hopper capacity Approx. 5 liters
Part size Φ0.5 mm–10 mm
     Power source & consumption     1 KW, 220v, single phase, 50-60HZ
Compressed air pressure 87 Psi 
Dimensions (L*W*H) 1150mm×600mm×1700 mm
Weight 120kg


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Funtion pack CCD technology allows small parts counting in real-time as they free-fall in bulk through the detection unit at a uniform rate. FC-2000 small parts counting machine (parts counter) can handle a wide variety of complex and intricate small industrial parts such as electronic, medical, aerospace, hardware, injection molds, and many others.

With no need to feed parts one at a time at specific intervals, our advanced small parts counting machine (parts counters) can achieve counting rates of up to 12,000 objects per minute for parts as small as 0.5 mm or as large as 10 mm. Our sophisticated mathematical algorithms ensure a nearly -100% count accuracy.

Small Parts Counting Machine1
Small Parts Counting Machine

Key Features:

  • CCD technology with high speed digital camera
  • Highly anti-dusty design
  • Eliminates costly inaccuracies
  • Unprecedented flexibility
  • Counter discrepancies is less than 1‰
  • Operation stable and lower noise
  • Suitable for different packing machine
  • Touch screen Control System which is easy to control 
  • Simple Straight Forward Operator Controls
  • Stainless Frame

Industry Type(s)

  • Nutraceuticals
  • Candy
  • Agriculture
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • More industries
Small Parts Counting Machine2
Small Parts Counting Machine3

Many of Shanghai Funtion Pack Machinery’s customers have passed or are applying for GMP certification. and with good products and professional personnel and rich experience, the company has helped these customers improve efficiency and make their certification process more smooth. Funtion Pack can also provide “tailor-made” services according to customer needs, and specialize in customizing non-standard models for customers. Among the company’s products, there are high-end products with intelligent human-machine interface operation, high-speed equipment that packs more than 400 bottles per minute, and economical products that are stable and affordable, which can fully meet the different needs of various customers.

      Funtion Pack Machinery was established in Shanghai, PR China in 1985, since that, we have   dedicated to packaging machinery manufacturing and design for nearly 30 years. During so long time, we have extended our business to become a supplier of complete packaging line including bottle washer, unscrambler, filling and counting machine, inserting machine, labeling machine, capping machine, sealing machine, cartoning machine and so on. We believe that we possess rich experience and ability to meet a variety of requirements of you. Besides, we also provide very good after-sales service and solution of technology problem. We also provide training, on-site installation, documents support. We could make customized products based on different requirements of different customers.





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