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Counting and packing machine/

Tablet Counting and Packing Machine

Counting Speed 600-2000 pieces/minute
Hopper capacity Approx. 20 liters
Bag Material Multilayer Composite Premade Bag (e.g.: PET/PE)
Bag Type 3 Side Seal Bag, Stand-up Bag, Gusset Bag, Zipper Bag
Bag Size Range 80mm≤W≤300mm, 100mm≤L≤300mm
Sealing Type Straight grain, pitch is 1mm
Sealing Width 10mm
Container size Φ45 mm – 60 mm ( Or customized )
Size of tablets Φ5 mm – 15 mm
Size of capsules 00# – 5#
Soft gels OB, OV, F, R
Power source & consumption 1.5 KW, 220v, single phase, 50-60HZ(Optional)
Air Pressure 0.65Mpa
Air Consumption 0.3m³/min
Dimensions 1900mm×2400mm×2000 mm  ( L× W × H )
Weight 600kg

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GSP-8 capsule counting and packing machine is a mini-type counting and packing system, which combined advanced 8 channels counting machine and a Drybag packing machine. The compact design complies with the standard of GMP. The machine is easy to be operated and change over. The packing unit is suitable for different types of bags, such as Stand up pouch, stand-up pouch with zipper, flat pouch (3 sides seal, 4-side seal, back sealing), etc. And the counting unit is suitable for tablets, capsules, pills, candy, gummy, mints, chewing gum, etc.

Capsule Counting and Packing Machine
Counting machine
Packing machine

Key Features:

  • Counting with high precision
  • Operation stable and lower noise
  • Compact counting design with fast and smooth operation
  • Flexible for different type packing machine
  • full-set protecting device keep operation steady and reliable
  • Easy to operate and no special training required
  • Stainless Frame

Industry Type(s)

  • Food & beverage
  • Nutrition Care
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Health supplement
  • Daily chemical

      Squarestar Machinery was established in Shanghai, PR China in 1985, since that, we have   dedicated to packaging machinery manufacturing and design for nearly 30 years. During so long time, we have extended our business to become a supplier of complete packaging line including bottle washer, unscrambler, filling and counting machine, inserting machine, labeling machine, capping machine, sealing machine, cartoning machine and so on. We believe that we possess rich experience and ability to meet a variety of requirements of you. Besides, we also provide very good after-sales service and solution of technology problem. We also provide training, on-site installation, documents support. We could make customized products based on different requirements of different customers.



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