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Precautions when using the counting machine

Choose a suitable operating location: Make sure to use the counting machine in a place with a weak electrostatic field and good air circulation, and avoid using it in an environment with electrostatic interference, so as not to affect the normal operation of the machine.
Avoid vibration and collision: During operation, avoid subjecting the counting machine to vibration or collision to avoid damaging the internal structure of the machine. If an unexpected situation occurs, stop the machine immediately for inspection and resolution.
Inspection before starting up: Before using the grain counting machine, you should check whether each component is working properly and whether there are any abnormal phenomena and abnormal noises. If a fault is found, it should be dealt with promptly or the maintenance personnel should be notified for repair.
Replace parts regularly: Over time, parts of your pellet counting machine may fail due to wear and tear. Therefore, relevant parts should be replaced regularly to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
Cleaning and maintenance: Before using the grain counting machine, the surface of the machine, screws and chains should be cleaned to prevent dirt from contaminating the machine and affecting production accuracy. At the same time, comprehensive maintenance of the machine should be carried out regularly, including cleaning, checking lubricating oil, etc.
Safe operation: Ensure that the environment where the particle counting machine is used is safe and harmless, and there is enough free space around the operator to avoid accidents.
Protect the environment: When using the particle counting machine, you must pay attention to protecting the environment, keeping the operating environment clean and tidy, and preventing pollution and any other behavior that may endanger the environment.



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