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Pill packaging, how to choose a counting machine?


Advantages of pill counting machine:

  1. Speed and accuracy: The pill counting machine should have fast and accurate counting ability to improve production efficiency. Selecting a counting machine with high-speed dynamic scanning and counting function can better meet the needs.
  2. Control system: The counting machine should adopt PLC control system to ensure stable operation and accurate counting. PLC control system can also realize automatic shutdown, fault indication alarm and other functions to improve the safety and reliability of equipment.
  3. Automatic bottle feeding and system self-test: A good counting machine should be equipped with an automatic bottle feeding system, which can easily and quickly bottle the counted pills. The system self-test function can help detect and resolve equipment failures in a timely manner, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  4. Can be matched with other packaging machinery: the number of grain machine with capping machine, aluminum foil sealing machine, labeling machine and other packaging machinery can achieve better results, improve the overall packaging line production efficiency and product quality.

In summary, when selecting an electronic counting machine, attention should be paid to its working principle (such as dynamic scanning and counting), control system (such as PLC control), bottle delivery system, self-test function, and the ability to match other packaging machinery. This ensures that the pill counting machine has high-speed, accurate and stable counting and bottling capacity, improving production efficiency and product quality.



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