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Mixed tablet capsule counting machine recommended by manufacturers

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Mixed tablet and capsule counting machine is a mechanical device used to automatically count and dispense tablets and capsules. Its main function is to count tablets and capsules in specified quantities and pack them into appropriate containers to meet production and packaging needs.

The working principle of the mixed tablet capsule counting machine usually includes the following steps:

  1. First, tablets and capsules are placed into the material tray of the equipment.
  2. The material tray will start to rotate according to the set parameters, and the tablets and capsules will automatically be arranged in rows by vibration, swing, etc.
  3. Using sensing technologies such as photoelectric sensors, the device will quickly and accurately detect and count each tablet and capsule.
  4. Once counting is complete, tablets and capsules are conveyed to the next workstation for packaging or other subsequent processing steps.

The common material of mixed pill capsule counting machines is 304 stainless steel, which meets medical grade requirements. This material has good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, ensuring the hygiene and reliability of the equipment. In addition, mixed tablet capsule counting machines are usually simple to maintain and easy to clean and maintain, which helps to increase production efficiency and the service life of the equipment.

After counting, the mixed tablet capsule counting machine can be used together with other packaging machinery, such as capping machines, aluminum foil sealing machines, labeling machines, etc. By working with these machines, a more efficient production and packaging process can be achieved, improving the overall efficiency and quality of the production line.

The mixed tablet capsule counting machine is a mechanical device used to automatically count and dispense tablets and capsules. It can improve production efficiency, reduce manual operations, and ensure product quality and hygienic safety.



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