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It only takes 7 seconds for the waterfall visual counting machine to count 1000 screws

In the production process of some enterprises, the counting of small parts is often considered, including the counting of medical devices, hardware parts, seed particles, etc., and the counting of various small particles. Very time-consuming and labor-intensive.
In order to solve this problem, the automatic visual counting machine of Shangha FUNTION PACK Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. adopts imported high-speed linear array CCD sensor with a resolution of up to 2048 and a scanning speed of 10,000 times per second; equipped with 6 million high-definition optical lenses, it can The 0.3mm particles are identified, and the counting accuracy is 100%, which greatly saves the counting time. Both channels adopt two-level control, through the speed difference between the front and rear channels and other mechanical structures, the materials can pass through sequentially, and the counting accuracy can be effectively improved, which is suitable for medium and large granular materials that require high precision. Because it is camera recognition, it does not need to be converted based on weight, which solves the error caused by individual weight differences.
High-speed visual counting, the material does not need to fall one by one, and the material falls in a waterfall, so the speed is very fast. It takes half an hour to manually count 1,000 screws, but it only takes 7 seconds for a high-speed visual counting machine to count 1,000 screws.



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