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Introduction of soft candy packaging machine

candy weighing packaging machine
  1. Soft candy weighing packaging machine
  2. Working principle: The soft candy weighing and packaging machine is mainly composed of a multi-head weighing filling machine and a packaging machine. First, the multi-head scale will automatically weigh the fudge according to the set weight. The weighed fudge is then piped into a packaging machine for automatic packaging operations.
  • It can quickly and automatically complete the weighing and packaging of fudge to improve production efficiency;
  • It can adapt to the packaging needs of soft candies with different weights, reducing the waste of manual weighing and packaging by manual operation;
  • It can ensure the quality and hygiene of the gummies, reducing the risk of cross-infection.
  • Weighing devices need to be continuously tested and calibrated, regular maintenance and repairs are required, and the cost is high;
  • The system is complex and has certain technical requirements for operators;
  • In order to achieve accurate weighing operations, it is necessary to purchase high-precision weighing devices and packaging machines with complete functions, which are more expensive.
  1. Soft candy counting and packaging machine
  2. Working principle: The soft candy counting and packaging machine is mainly composed of a soft candy counting machine and a packaging machine. The soft candy counting machine recognizes the size and image of the soft candy through the sensor, respectively detects the number of soft candies fed each time, and completes the counting of soft candies. Then, the soft candy will be transported to the packaging machine according to the set count value for automatic packaging operation.
  • Can accurately calculate the quantity of jellybeans, avoiding the problems of inaccurate weighing and irregular packaging;
  • It can adapt to the counting technology of different sizes of soft candies, which reduces the waste of soft candy product weight and effectively ensures the consistency of packaging;
  • Save labor time, improve packaging efficiency, suitable for mass production environment.
  • The system is complex and requires regular maintenance and repairs, resulting in high maintenance costs;
  • For the strict quality inspection standards of medicinal materials, food and other enterprises, that is, only a small error is allowed, the soft candy counting machine may not be such an ideal choice;
  • High-speed counting requires clear quality standards and front-end equipment, which is expensive and expensive to maintain.



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