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Introduction of chicken nugget counting packaging line

The chicken nugget counting and packaging line is a production line specially used for counting and packaging food products. It can automatically count chicken nuggets and other meat products according to a set quantity and put them into packaging bags.
The multi-pellet packaging line can be widely used in the packaging of various food products. In addition to chicken nuggets, it can also include fish nuggets, meatballs, quail eggs, sea cucumbers and other granular or block-shaped foods or items. (The counting machine or counting packaging line can be customized according to the specific material size)
The grain counting packaging line usually consists of a grain counting machine, a bag packaging machine and a labeling machine. The counting machine is mainly responsible for counting the food according to the set quantity and transporting it to the bag packaging machine; the bag packaging machine puts chicken nuggets and other food into pre-made packaging bags and sorts the packaging bags. Sealing and packaging; the labeling machine is mainly responsible for affixing packaging labels on packaging bags. (Exclusive solutions can be customized according to your needs)
With the development of science and technology, the grain counting line has become automated, and the normal working state does not require human supervision; the characteristics of the entire production line are: the conveyor belt automatically completes all production processes such as feeding, filling bags, printing dates, and finished product output; Using PLC control system, it has high grain counting accuracy, fast speed and no material fragmentation; it has strong continuity and can achieve absolute vacuum packaging to prevent air bacterial contamination.



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