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Introduction of aluminum foil sealing machine

Aluminum foil sealing machine is an efficient and advanced packaging equipment that is widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries. It is mainly used to seal the mouth of bottles or containers to maintain the freshness and safety of products. The following is a detailed introduction to the aluminum foil sealing machine:

  1. Working principle

The working principle of the aluminum foil se machine is based on electromagnetic induction heating technology. When the machine is started, the internal electromagnetic induction coil generates a high-frequency electromagnetic field. When a container with an aluminum foil seal passes through this electromagnetic field, the conductive material in the aluminum foil will generate eddy currents due to electromagnetic induction. When these eddy currents flow in the aluminum foil, they will generate heat, quickly heating the aluminum foil, softening it and tightly bonding with the container mouth. , forming a seal.

  1. Main features

Fast sealing speed: The aluminum foil sealing machine has an efficient sealing speed, which is suitable for mass production and improves production efficiency.
Good sealing quality: Using electromagnetic induction heating technology, the sealing is uniform and firm, effectively preventing the penetration of gas, moisture and microorganisms, and extending the shelf life of the product.
Simple operation: The equipment is simple to operate. You only need to operate a few buttons to complete the sealing operation, saving labor costs.
Energy saving and environmental protection: The aluminum foil sealing machine uses energy-saving materials, does not produce harmful substances, and meets environmental protection requirements.
Beautiful and elegant: The all-stainless steel molded shell has a beautiful and elegant appearance and is easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Applicable industries

Food industry: used to seal various bottled foods, such as sauces, beverages, honey, oil, etc., to extend the shelf life and prevent contamination.
Pharmaceutical industry: used to seal medicine bottles, ointment tubes, etc. to ensure the hygiene and effectiveness of medicines.
Cosmetic industry: Used to seal cosmetic bottles, such as lotions, perfumes, etc., to keep products fresh and prevent leakage.
Chemical industry: used to seal chemical reagent bottles to protect chemicals from the external environment.



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