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How to package snack food in small bags?

Snacks are generally packaged in small packages for easy access, and then packed into large bags or boxes in a certain quantity. Each bag and box has a fixed quantity, so our grain counting machine can be used for counting and packaging.

How to bag snacks accurately and quickly is a problem for many manufacturers, and there is even a need for mixed flavor packaging.

Fangxing snack food counting and packaging machine can count small bags of snacks to ensure accuracy. The counting packaging machine can count and output snacks according to the preset quantity. At the same time, it can also be used with a packaging machine to pack the counted small bags of food tightly into large bags. After pouring the food into the small bag, the big bag is sealed by packaging machinery and equipment to ensure the integrity and sealing of the package. It can also be used with other packaging machinery such as capping machines, labeling machines, and aluminum foil sealing machines.

In addition, food hygiene and safety must be ensured during operation, and operations must be carried out in strict accordance with relevant hygiene standards and regulations. The material of Fangxing snack food counting and packaging machine is medical 304 and meets food standard grade.

counting and packaging machine uses photoelectric detection mechanism to achieve fast and accurate quantitative technology, such as 30 bags/pack of dried tofu, 50 bags/pack, 50 bags/box of kelp silk, etc. After automatic quantitative sub-packaging, it automatically falls into the packaging machine and is packaged into finished products. It is simple to operate and easy to maintain. The machine has great compatibility and is suitable for various snack foods such as dried tofu, braised eggs, beef jerky, spicy strips, etc.



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