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How to choose the right parts counting packaging machine

a parts counting packaging machine

When choosing the right parts counting packaging machine, you can consider the following factors:

Part characteristics: If the weight of the parts varies greatly, or the individual weight is very light, then you may need to choose a visual counting machine or a photoelectric counting machine. If the unit price of the product is high and the requirements for counting speed and accuracy are high, a visual counting machine is a good choice.
Production needs: If the production needs are large and rapid counting is required, then a photoelectric counting machine may be more suitable. If high-precision sorting and counting are required, a visual counting machine is more suitable.
Budget: The price of photoelectric counting machines is relatively low, while the price of visual counting machines may be higher.
Compatibility and scalability: When selecting a counting packaging machine, also consider its compatibility with existing production lines, as well as possible future scalability.
The above content is for reference only. You can consult people in the automation control field for more help.



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