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How to choose food packaging machinery?

bottled food

When purchasing food packaging equipment, you need to consider multiple factors.
To ensure that the selected equipment can meet the characteristics and production needs of the product.
Different food forms have different needs for packaging equipment.
For example, liquid foods such as drinks, sauces, etc.
It is necessary to choose a filling machine with accurate metering and sealing functions.
And solid foods such as candies, nuts, etc.
You need to choose a fully automatic packaging machine (pellet counting machine, counting packaging machine, capping machine, aluminum foil sealing machine) that can automatically count, package and seal.
Product price also affects the choice of packaging equipment.
Generally, high-priced foods are suitable for counting packaging to ensure product quality.
Relatively affordable food generally does not require high precision.
Optional weighing and packaging equipment

In addition, granular foods that have requirements for the packaging quantity of a single product,
Suitable for selecting counting packaging methods.
Fangxing grain counting machine can be used as a separate counting device.
It can also be connected to other packaging machines to achieve different packaging methods, such as bottling, bagging, cartoning, etc., to create an intelligent packaging production line.



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