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How to choose a cleaning dishwashing nugget counting machine

clean block

Cleaning block counting machine is a piece of equipment specially used for counting and packaging cleaning blocks. It can automatically and accurately count cleaning blocks and then package them into small packages, improving production efficiency and packaging quality.

Using a counting machine to count packaged cleaning blocks has the following advantages:

  1. High accuracy: The granule counting machine adopts advanced counting technology and sensors, which can accurately count each cleaning block and avoid manual counting errors.
  2. Improve production efficiency: The granule counting machine can quickly and continuously count and pack clean blocks, greatly saving time and labor costs.
  3. Fine packaging control: The counting machine can pack the cleaning blocks into small bags according to the set number of packages, ensuring that each bag contains the same number of cleaning blocks.
  4. Improve product image: The granule counting machine can achieve exquisite packaging form, making the appearance of the cleaning block more attractive to consumers and increasing product sales.

There are many packaging forms of cleaning blocks, the common ones are:

  1. Individual packaging in small bags: Pack the cleaning blocks individually in small bags, with only one cleaning block in each small bag.
  2. Pack multiple cleaning blocks together: Put multiple cleaning blocks in the same pouch or box, and different quantities of cleaning blocks can be packed as needed.

The multi-grain packaging machine is suitable for multi-grain packaging of various cleaning products, such as laundry beads, dishwashing blocks, soap bars, etc. As long as the cleaning products are in the shape of granules, they can be counted and packaged using a granular packaging machine, and the packaging forms are diverse: bagged/boxed/bottled, which can be customized.

The application prospects of the clean block counting packaging machine are very broad.



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