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How to choose a capping machine with controllable torque?

a capping machine

Advantages of small four-wheel capping machine:

  1. Torque control: The capping machine can adjust the torque of the cap according to the needs to ensure that the cap is not over-tightened, effectively preventing damage and leakage of the cap.
  2. Easy to change specifications: the small four-wheel capping machine can quickly change caps of different sizes, and is suitable for plastic bottles and glass bottles of different sizes.
  3. Increase production efficiency: Compared with manual capping, the capping machine can greatly save time and improve production efficiency. The automated operation process can reduce labor costs and ensure that each bottle cap can be screwed tightly.
  4. Easy to use: The small four-wheel capping machine adopts automatic control, and the operation is simple and convenient. You only need to put the bottle in a suitable position and start the machine to complete the capping work.
  5. Low maintenance cost: The capping machine usually has stable performance and long service life, and the maintenance cost is low.

The small four-wheel capping machine can also be used together with other packaging machinery such as labeling machines, aluminum foil sealing machines, etc. to achieve a more efficient production line.



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