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How the pharmaceutical machinery industry will develop

2015 is the closing year of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”. Looking back the past five years, the pharmaceutical industry has made great progress. Today, more than half of 2016 has passed, and surveys show that the first half of this year is a good time for performance growth for medical and pharmaceutical companies. The increase in the overall profit reported in the pharmaceutical sector has also attracted the attention of relevant institutions. Wu Kechun, deputy director of the equity investment department of Haifutong Institutions, clearly stated that he is optimistic about the market in the second half of the year. The pharmaceutical industry is relatively clear. What will happen to the pharmaceutical machinery industry that plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry?

In 1999, just five years after he started Amazon, Jeff Bezos was named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year.” He received the honor largely because of the company’s success in popularizing online shopping.

Corporate Culture considers itself a completely customer-centric company, believing that if it doesn’t listen to customers, it will fail. Amazon has stated that it wants to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself to the company during a time of unprecedented technological revolution.

According to Amazon’s website, Bezos sketched on a napkin a small graphic illustrating the company’s culture. It shows how growth leads to lower costs, which leads to lower prices, which leads to better selection—and everything points to a better customer experience.


Amazon describes its interview process as “peculiar,” but it does offer an online guide to help job candidates through the process. Two key elements that are a part of the process are discussions about failures and a writing sample.

Review the FAQ page on Amazon’s job site to find out all of the relevant details about how to apply for opportunities with the online retailer.

Failures are important to explore, according to Amazon’s jobs site, because many successful projects are built from previous failures. Those doing interviews at Amazon want to hear candidates talk about some of their own failures and how they did or could turn them into something positive.

The writing sample is important because Amazon emphasizes what it calls narrative memos as opposed to presentations through PowerPoint or other similar programs. Employees should be able to explain through engaging prose what a proposal entails and how it should be executed.



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