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How is fish oil counted and packaged by quantity?

Fish oil capsules are usually counted and bottled according to a set quantity using a specially designed capsule counting machine. The working principle is to use a specific bottling system and counting device for automatic counting and bottling. This kind of machine can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce the workload of manual operations.

The working principle of soft capsule counting machine brings benefits to manufacturers including:

  1. Improve production efficiency: Automated counting and bottling processes can greatly improve production efficiency and save labor costs.
  2. Accurate counting: The machine can accurately count each capsule to avoid counting errors and ensure product quality.
  3. Cost saving: Reduce manual operations, save labor costs, and reduce product loss rate.

The packaging methods after counting usually include bottles, bags, boxes, etc. Choose the appropriate packaging method according to product needs and usage habits.

Capsules made of transparent materials such as fish oil can be counted and packaged by a counting machine. As long as the machine is properly set up, such capsules can be accurately counted and packaged.

In addition to fish oil capsules, other types of capsules, such as vitamin capsules, herbal capsules, etc., can also be packaged by counting packaging machines, as long as the machine can adapt to the corresponding capsule specifications and shapes.



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