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How does an automatic pill counter work?

Automatic pill counters typically work using optical sensors and machine vision technology. As the pills pass through the counter’s sensor, the sensor captures an image of the pill, and the image is analyzed and processed by a computer vision algorithm to identify and count the number of pills.

Specifically, the workflow of the automatic pill counter is as follows:

Image capture: Capture images of tablets through high-resolution cameras or sensors.
Image processing: Use computer vision algorithms to process images, including denoising, enhancement, binarization and other operations to highlight the characteristics of the tablets.
Feature extraction: Extract feature information such as shape, size, color, etc. of the tablets.
Target recognition and counting: Through specific algorithms, such as threshold method, region growing method, contour tracking method, etc., the extracted features are matched and counted to determine the number of pills.
Result output: Output the counting results to the display or storage device for users to view or record.
The working principle of the automatic pill counter is based on machine vision and image processing technology, which achieves automatic counting by capturing, processing and analyzing images of tablets. This technology can greatly improve counting accuracy and efficiency, and reduce manual errors and labor intensity.



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