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How does an auto capsule counter work?

an auto capsule counter

Auto Capsule Counter Working Principle

The machine works by using a series of sensors and mechanisms to count and sort capsules.

The process begins with the capsules being loaded into the machine’s hopper. From there, they are fed onto a conveyor belt that moves them towards the counting mechanism.

As the capsules move along the conveyor belt, sensors detect their presence and count them. It can be programmed to count a specific number of capsules or to fill a certain number of containers with a set amount of capsules.

Once the desired number of capsules has been counted, the machine uses a mechanism to dispense them into containers or packaging. This can be done using a variety of methods, such as vibrating plates or pneumatic mechanisms.

Overall, an auto capsule counter is a highly efficient and accurate way to count and sort capsules for pharmaceutical and other industries.



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