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How does a tablet counting machine work?


A tablet counting machine is a device used to count tablets or capsules accurately and quickly. There are different types of tablet counting machine, but most of them work in a similar way.

First, the tablets or capsules are fed into a hopper or a vibrating tray, which helps to separate them and ensure a consistent flow. Then, the tablets are guided through a channel or a chute, where they pass by sensors that detect their presence and count them.

The counting process is usually done using photoelectric sensors or infrared beams that detect the tablets as they pass by. The sensors send signals to a computerized system that keeps track of the count and displays it on a screen.

Once the desired quantity of tablets is reached, the machine can stop automatically or signal an operator to remove the counted tablets and start a new batch.

Overall, a tablet counting machine works by using sensors and computerized systems to accurately count tablets or capsules at a fast rate, improving efficiency and reducing errors compared to manual counting.



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