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FUNTION Pack Machinery Co., Ltd

Perfect counting and packaging expertise

About Us

Funtion Pack Machinery Shanghai Co., Ltd. is one of China's largest privately held counting and packaging machinery manufacturers. We are a leading developer and manufacturer of complete turnkey counting and packaging solutions.

Funtion Pack Machinery offers a wide variety of counting and packaging equipment that can be custom-tailored to each unique product, including tablets, capsules, pills, soft gels, bear gummies, chewing gum, candies, seeds, and all different shape of small parts to be counted and filled into the different container: bottle, tube, Doypack, stand-up pouch, zipper bag, VFFS bag, back sealing pouch, etc. The main equipment manufactured by the Funtion pack includes bottle unscramblers, counting machines, packing machines, desiccant pouch inserters, cotton inserters, capping machines, induction sealing machines, sleeve labeling machines, tamper-evident neck-band sealing machines, heat tunnels, tube fillers and sealers, hot stamps and ink jet date coders, conveyors, turntables, and other support packaging and process machinery.

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We are a leader in technology and R&D in the same industry in China and even around the world. Our products are exported to all over the world and have been highly praised by customers. We look forward to your becoming our next customer.

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We are a leader in the business of Cosmetics and Personal Care both in Thailand and in international markets. We strive to create top quality cosmetics using new innovation to suit the requirements of our clients and the lifestyles of the consumers. We have earned the trust of thousands of clients, including these fine clients:

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